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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
All screens add your own information quickly and easily using import from any spreadsheet or CSV file.
The Zway Quick-Start Free is a completely free service for you to use and enjoy. It is intuitive and easy to use. It also comes with full on-line instructions on the set-up and use of every individual application. However, if required, support can be provided by clicking here. Zway will charge just £299.00 plus VAT, once off to assist you to set-up and start your own company inside Zway Quick-Start Free. After that, the use of the platform is free to all of your company users.
A "Fair use policy" has been designed in the Zway terms and conditions to ensure the Quick-Start Free service is not over-used and the speed of the service can be maintained for most users. With this in mind, an overall 1Gb of information per company is advised as the maximum amount of information that can be stored for free. Upgrades can be provided though, and a full upgrade to the amazing Zway Automation Platform is your next step. See more information on the Zway Automation Platform here.
Yes. Zway believes that every small company has the right to use extensive, reliable, and secure business management tools. Too many SaaS companies are charging for services that are just basic places to store and manage information. Zway is different. We want to give back to UK Business and intend to support a great free service, so your business can grow. Once your business has started to manage information properly, you will then want to discuss how to AUTOMATE your business fully and save time and money and allow your company to compete on the main stage. We hope then, you will contact Zway to discuss the massive extra benefits of Zway Automate.
We need to know you are really an informed user. In these days of annoying robots trying to spoil every good thing we do, it is necessary to check you are, who you say you are. Sorry! Zway will never, ever, sell or provide your information to any 3rd party company. Not ever, not for any reason. However, by using our excellent free Zway Quick-Start service you will be allowing Zway to keep you informed about the very best of breed solutions to your business woes. We will keep these communications short and inobtrusive. Zway is also fully on-board with the excellent GDPR regulations designed to keep us all safe and undisturbed, so just a simple click on any email we send, will remove your data from our marketing communications.
Yes. At any time you wish, you can utilise any of the "Export" functions available on most list views in most applications. This will enable you to download your own information in spreadsheet format to your own PC. Additionally, once you choose to delete data from the Zway Quick-Start Free, that information is DELETED!
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